Product & food photography with flash workshop

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In the age of e-commerce with online shopping and food delivery apps growing fast, many vendors and restaurants have started photographing their products and food by themselves in order to save time and lower their expenses. Being able to photograph your own items can save lots of money and certainly allows you to process new products much faster than if you were to hire a professional photographer.

The problem is that properly photographing food and products is not easy. Many challenges need to be overcome related to lighting, exposure settings, camera angles, and composition. At Fame Light Academy we now offer two comprehensive workshops that will help you overcome these challenges and show you the way to creating your own great images.

Course Outline:

This first workshop takes place at the Fame Lights studio where you will learn how to photograph products and food with flash light. As with all Fame Lights Academy workshops, this is a hands-on three-hour session that covers the following course outline:

  • Why do we need flash?
  • Flash vs Continuous light
  • What is the difference between TTL & Manual Flash
  • How do we use our aperture, ISO, and shutter speed in flash photography
  • How to set the correct white balance
  • How do we adjust the quality of light
  • Focused or diffused light? What is the difference and how to create it.
  • What flash modifiers are there and how to use them
  • Understanding the use of reflectors
  • What angle of light to use for different types of photography
  • How to overcome challenges with reflections and shadows

Some sample images of what you will be able to photograph after taking this workshop