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With the advent of Instagram and the social media revolution, photographing food has never been so popular and easy as it is today. However taking quality images can be challenging. This workshop will walk you through the basics of what it takes to create stunning images of food and give you the technical and artistic skills you need to have your images noticed.

Part 1 – Basics and gear:

During the first part we look at the basic technical aspects of photography that you should understand and master to start taking better images. These are universal regardless of the camera you will be using, whether it is a professional DSLR or a mobile phone. We will then look at what gear works best for photographing food.

Part 2 – Composition and storytelling:

In this section we learn to use rules of composition to improve the look of a scene, as well as to how to tell a story through a picture and the food. You will also learn the basics of styling food and ingredients to make your pictures more attractive.

Part 3 – Lighting:

Next you will learn the importance of light in food photography: it can be the deal-breaker. From the difference between natural and artificial light, to how to use and position different light sources to photograph food at its best, we have it covered.

Part 4 – Post-production:

Finally we will spend some time further practicing what we learnt so far, and then learn how to enhance the look of an image in post-production making a few basic adjustments to the photos you have taken.


During the workshop we create images like the ones above using both natural and artificial light


Here are some images created by participants during one of our recent workshops.



Below are images of a recent food photography workshop at Fame Lights Academy training center. Our workshops have between 3 to 8 participants so that we can spend optimal time with each person.

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