Elemental Photography Workshop

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During the past decade photography has become one of the most popular means of expressing oneself creatively. Most people now have a camera embedded in their smart phones or own a digital camera for more elaborate photography. However, even though photography has become more accessible, the rules of composition, light and focus have stayed the same.

In order to become a better photographer it is essential to understand these fundamental concepts of photography and know how to apply them.

At Fame Lights Academy we run a three-hour workshop that helps the participants get a good grasp of the basics of photography and create good looking images. The session is conducted in a way that allows for lots of hands-on practice along with easy to understand instructions from the trainer.

The focus is on getting familiar with a digital camera and becoming more confident in using its features and settings while having fun.

1 – Introduction to exposure

First we look at how our camera works, what features and settings we can play with and how we can use them in a way that makes sense. The session covers the most important elements of exposure with explanations and discussions on how aperture works, how shutter speed can change the look of your image and when to change your ISO.

We also cover metering light through the lens and how the different metering modes can affect an image.

2 – Introduction to focus

After that we talk about focus, which helps to guide the viewer’s eye to the important areas of your images and makes your creations more compelling and interesting. The element of focus gives a photographer control over how others perceive an image. We look at how to master focus using the different focus modes of your camera and how to use focus in combination with aperture and shutter speed.

3- Practice, practice, practice

During the session we will spend a lot of time practicing what we learn and work with each other to share and discuss ideas . Also, the instructor will give immediate feedback on your work and encourage everyone to ask as many questions as possible.

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